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The ranch is biodynamic in the sense that it is a free-flowing ecosystem. Robert calls it “ecodynamic” to distinguish it, since we are not traditionally biodynamic but are inspired by the ideas. The ranch was certified organic by CCOF in the early days of organic certification, but Robert withdrew his certificate following CCOF’s backing of the use of growth regulators (gibberellic acid) on grapes and SO2 (sulfur dioxide) storage.

Here’s how we farm: Authentic, Permaculture, Ecodynamic. We are Vegan Nature Farmers certified in Permaculture (earth care, people care, fair share). We prefer to spend our valuable time producing the most nutritious, high-energy food possible rather than fill out a bunch of paperwork that is costly and not even that thorough (for example, Certified Organic does not test the water. You can grow Certified Organic using chlorinated water and Big Ag does, in California).

We are just as good or better than those who are Certified Organic. The fruit is sweeter – you can taste the minerals. It’s not a battle, just understand that Organic is not blessed. It’s not the best you can do. Organic permits blood meal, bone meal, and organic pesticides. Grow your own and shop at farmers markets before you shop for anonymous, Certified Organic food… any food from any supermarket (Whole Foods included) is going to have lower energy.

Taste is the true measure of authenticity.

For more information on how we are an authentic farm, check out Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, p.61: Authentic Foods.

How do we remineralize our soil and grow nutrient-dense fruit? Compost. We make approximately 200 cubic yards of compost each year. Compost consists of trimmings, branches, leaves mixed with water and rock dust (see http://remineralize.org/ for more information).  We apply the compost around the trunks of the date palms, citrus trees, and aloe vera.